Selling Your House Fast For Cash And The Corona Virus/COVID-19

Get Your All Cash Offer The Safe Way

If you want an offer from us we can do so without breaking our social distancing responsibilities, and we truly hope you also do your part and stay inside! In order for you to understand how we can possibly make an offer without stepping foot in your house, you need to know how the process works.

The mission here, is of course, to give you our highest and best offer so that we can get the offers accepted. This makes sense right? You wouldn’t accept an offer that was plain and simply insulting. We totally understand that. In order for us to be able to give the highest possible offer for your house, we need to be able to sell that house (after we buy it from you), for as much money as we possibly can.


If you wanted, lets say… $300K for your house, but we could only sell your house for $200K (after we buy it from you and fix it up), we would  lose money.  $100K (and what ever money we spent trying to fix/update your home) to be exact.  In other words, the more we can sell your house for (after we buy it from you and rehab it), the higher the offer we can make you.

Now, in order to get you an offer that works for you (and us), we need to know:

  1. how much we can sell your house for (after we buy it from you and fix it up), and
  2. how much it will cost to fix it up.

1. Finding The After Repair Value (ARV) Of Your Home In Houston

We do a market analysis to determine what the house would sell for in its “Completely Fixed Up Condition“,  or ARV, by figuring out how much a similar house (in size and style) but in fixed up condition, sold for recently. In other words, if your neighbor has a similar house in style and size, but his house was in completely fixed up condition and sold his house for, lets say $350K, we now know that if we buy your house and fix it up, there is no reason why we wouldn’t also get $350K for it, right? This means that the ARV of your house is $350K.

2. Finding The Cost Of Repairs

Here is where things differ from our normal methods of operation. Usually at this stage we would schedule an appointment with you to meet you at the property to do a walk-through not only to meet you in person and answer any and all questions you may have, but also to calculate the costs of repairs needed to bring your house to the best possible condition it could be (to maximize our selling price after we buy it, fix it up, and put it back on the market). Remember, we can offer you more if we can sell the house for more.

Based on the amount we can sell the house for after we fix it up and the cost of repairs to make the house ready for sale, we can determine an offer that works for us. If that offer also works for you, we can close!

Selling your house during the chaos still is an option. We understand that you still may have the need to sell your house fast despite the pandemic and we are still here and fully operational to service the Houston area with their house selling needs. We adapted our procedures to reflect social distancing. We hope you do the same! We can beat this thing together!

Due to social distancing, we are set up to no longer come out and do a walk through.  We want to make sure you are comfortable and so we can do this remotely. For this, all we need is to know what the current condition the house is in, what repairs, or updates are needed and what the house basically looks like. We can get a pretty good offer going by you providing us a good description and some pictures of the house and if needed we can do a remote walk through.

And that is all we would need from you. Based on your description and the pictures we can determine how much we can offer!

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